Turn your single sided card printer into a duplex printer!

If you use AddaCaption Desktop to design and print plastic cards, you can make a double sided design even if you only have a single sided printer. Using image scripting you can quickly set the design to only print one side, then re-present the card to the printer (upside down) and run another script to set the reverse side to print

Here’s how

AddaCaption Desktop

With your design in the editor, you can create both sides of the design. When you’re ready to print the card, enter the text in the scripting pane shown on the right. To print the front, click on the line where it says


The hit F5 to run the script. The name of the file in the title bar should now have [F] at the end, indicating that it is only going to print the front of the card. Now click on the line:


This will save the design, this needs to be done before it can be printed. Once saved, hit the print icon and a single sided card will be printed. Reload the card into the printer, the orientation will vary from model to model so this will be something to figure out just the once. Once loaded, run



You’ll see [R] in the card file name in the title indicating that it will print rear side only. Hit print and the card will, if you have loaded it correctly into the hopper, be printed both sides!

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