Hi! I’m Richard Green, I’m a Freelance Software Developer based in South Yorkshire, England

Add a Caption is a personal project put together by me after creating lots of related software for The Card Project Uk Ltd, a company I founded and still run

This project consists of desktop software (AddaCaption Desktop) which is available for anyone who may find a use for it (here). It was created as a tool for designing and managing print material but not at commercial quality. Eventually it evolved to help me organise marketing material and so I keep it alive even now for creating and posting social media output

I also created the website AddaCaption.net to show how designs can be exposed through a web interface. My vision was always that a consumer/user would be able to 1. get a file by name then 2. adjust the text/content of that design with additional data using just text

And so in the long run it will become easy for a business to add branding to content and visual messages without having to resort to a designer in real time! (they usually have more important things to do ;-))

AddaCaption graphic

The above is an example of a pre-made template which I was able to use when logged in at AddaCaption.net

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